License To Carry Classes
The Texas LTC Classes have started online, you still must shoot for a Texas Licensed Instructor. We are still doing LTC Classroom and Proficiency Certification at CHL Now.  The classroom LTC classes are listed under the months to the left. Proficiency Certifications can be done any day there is a class. This does require an additional 1 hour class that is being done the 1st hour of our classroom LTC Class and then shooting on site.Classes start Monday through Friday at 9am, Saturday at 8am, Sunday LTC Class at 9am and Sunday Proficiency Class is at 10:30. 
We reserve the right to cancel a class if required, but would offer a discount to attend a different day if you had scheduled for that day. If no one has signed up by a certain time we will cancel a class for the following day.
Texas License To Carry Training
Houston, Texas
With Online Payment Or
Cash/Card Day Of Class

You can bring your gun and ammo into our classroom. The gun must be in a case and the gun and all mags must be unloaded before entering our building.  For everyone's safety the guns must remain in the case or bag.  You must be here prior to the start of the class so it can run on time.
We still classes available 7 days a week. Click on the months to the
left to see dates the classes are being held.
Texas LTC Classes - Information So You Can Decide What Class Is Right For You
Texas Classroom LTC
1. Texas State Certified LTC Instructor taught class with the ability to ask question and learn from others in class questions.

2. One Day Class 4 hour minimum class plus shooting on site and testing. (4) hours of required training.

3. Classroom setting with other students in the classroom. A entertaining class where you retain the knowledge from seeing, hearing and demonstrations.

4. Lower cost, the classroom training and shooting at CHL Now is a set price. The Proficiency class is about the same price and does not decrease much with the lower hours required for training. Our cost for providing the class did not decrease.

5. At CHL Now we have classes available 7 days a week with an online sign up. 

6. At CHL Now we are available to answer you questions after the class, and allow our student to return any time they want of they want an update, at no cost.

7. The real cost of the class, look for added cost, addition range fees or other cost . Look for up front pricing (what is included). Our fees are on this web site  and are $75 for a complete Texas LTC class to include range fees. $65 for the Texas Proficiency Class includes range fees. And every now and then you will see a $59. class offered, which will include the range fee and can be used for either class.

8. Sign up on this site for our class.  We have a fun class, you learn and retain a lot from our class and saves you time and money in our classroom training.

Texas Online LTC
1. Texas State Certified Presentation - No State Certified instructor to ask questions as they arise.

2. Two separate classes (#1) four hour class plus testing and an additional (#2)1 hour of class and then shooting from a Texas Certified LTC Instructor. More then likely (2) days of training. (5) Hours of required training.

3. Done in private, when and where you desire with the opportunity to start and stop. Your retention level for reading is less then being part of a class.

4. Higher cost, check the online class cost and then the fee to shoot for a Texas LTC instructor. This can get quite expensive, could be as high as $139

5. Shooting, still has to be done and most ranges do not have the class and available. This must still include the additional 1 hour class done by a State Certified LTC instructor and can be misleading on some sites. 

6. Have email for questions about the class. Ask does it apply for questions after the class.

7. The real Texas LTC and be careful, make sure it is a State Certified Texas LTC Class, not approved for Texas class. That is an out of state permit.

8. At CHL Now we think it is important to have your Texas LTC. We will make it easy for you to decide. We have a discount code for an online supplier for the class.
Hit the button below, when you check out under the red arrow is a box the says coupon code type in the code of
chlnowclass and the fee in the total will change from $60 to $24.60  Remember we are here for your Proficiency Class. Read about the class, take with us or online.

We are referring you to this site for Texas online training to get the discount listed above
For Our  Classroom Training Go To The Months Listed Above And Sign Up Online
There is limited parking at our location. For classes at CHL Now we must park in the Keystone Building at 11999. There is a walk through gate between the two restaurants. If you park in the lot at 11925 we will have to get you to move to the correct parking. The exception would be your Disabled Placard or DV plates.
  All Saturday Classes Now Start At 8am